Monday, 13 September 2010

A valid question.

What one or two of the tickets may have looked like.
*A situation that will probably arise in early October*

New Student: "Why does my readers ticket look like it was made by a drunk two year old?!"
Me: "Because I made it when I was still knackered after an AWESOME weekend!"

This weekend was my best friend from primary school, Laura's hen weekend, which was incredibly fun, and very silly, and involved a kind of scavenger hunt with challenges and games along the way all around Canterbury and the surrounding woods and beaches :) Someone described it as being like Challenge Anneka but with crammed into small cars instead of helicopters! (We didn't have jumpsuits but we did have silly hats - it was a Where's Wally theme!)

Laura's friend Rosie had made some cool clues which Laura had to follow from place to place around the city and then out towards our hostel, and at each place there was a challenge such as:

Seeing who could make the most bubbles brushing their teeth...

 Making beautiful wedding dresses for the bride and the maid of honour out of toilet paper...

And doing a real life Where's Wally, AKA hide and seek in Blean Woods :) Then all off to the beach, hurray!

 The evening was really fun as well, with a BBQ, and then when it started raining, lots of games in our room at the hostel. On sunday morning we had a walk in the woods around about, and then drove to the beach and had fish and chips for lunch :) (using fish in the most general term, as I certainly did NOT have fish).

And then a horrendous drive back where it took us AN HOUR AND A HALF to get the 8 miles to the M2...

....but it was totally worth it! Now roll on the wedding!

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