Wednesday, 8 September 2010

In which they let me loose with purchase orders!

This week so far has been pretty interesting, I've learnt to do a lot of new things at work, and I'm slowly but surely getting used to the layout of the library, I'm still being quite slow at reshelving books but I think I'm getting the hang of where most things belong!

Yesterday after work I went with Debbie and Jo to the University Library for the launch of a new video explaining how the library system in Cambridge works. There were a lot of other Cambridge librarians there and we met up with Sarah (last year's graduate trainee). There was wine and nibbles, all very civilised ^^ I actually found the video really helpful, as it is kind of confusing with so many libraries! The video is here if you're interested. (There, doing my bit to plug it!) It was also good to be going to the UL as I'm going to be having a few training courses there, the first one in a couple of weeks time, so now I know how to find it!

Apart from that, this week I've learnt how to: order new books from the bookseller Dawson, process new books that have come in (getting them ready to go out on the shelves), and today Jo and I were adding all the new college undergraduates to the Voyager cataloguing system. This was a pretty slow process, and the system seemed unneccessarily complicated! But we finished just before we went home today so that's good. Just the post-grads to do now!

I had a great weekend in London, saw the cast of Hair in all their last-night glory, met some 'interesting' characters in the queue for the prom, and got to see Rosie's new flat which is very nice. Rory came up on the train last night which was a nice unexpected treat :)

I entered this in Pioneer Woman's funny photos competition today, what do you think?

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