Sunday, 26 September 2010

The times, they are a-changin'.

I think I can say that the quiet, vacation library I've known for the last 3 weeks is going to be gone starting tomorrow. On Monday some workmen are coming in to install wireless (yay!), on Wednesday we have a film crew coming in, and meanwhile we will be starting doing induction tours for the new graduates. All this will be going on, but actually I'll be missing most of it to go on my first course in MARC 21 which is a 3 day course, and then on Friday I'll be off to London to CILIP's new professionals information day (which if you're not going to you can follow along on twitter: #NPID2010).

Last week I spent making the graduates readers tickets, trying to get some cataloguing practice in before the course, putting my first CUP order through and being shown how to lyfguard paperback books (although when the person showing me how to do it finishes sticking and cutting and says "there!" *turns the books over to the other side* "...oh god.", I'm not filled with hope for when I actually do it myself!) Lyfguarding is basically covering the book with protective sticky-back plastic, a la Blue Peter, and as I've found out, newly lyfguarded books have very sharp corners! (ouch...)

As this weekend was Alumni Weekend, we had several alumni in on Thursday and Friday to look around the library, and two of them seperately commented on how warm the library was compared to how chilly it was when they were studying. One lady said to me "this used to be a two-jersey-and-a-coat library!" I'm glad times have changed...

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