Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bits and bobs from today

An update on the archaeology dig - it turns out that Newnham College was built on a previously unknown Roman village, very exciting! You can read the article here.

This morning we closed the library office and all went to a talk at Wolfson College on the university's medical library. Anna Jones who organised it had asked if one of us from Newnham could take notes, and I'd volunteered so I was scribbling away! Peter Morgan, the librarian, gave us an introduction to the medical library - as part of the UL they're getting a constant stream of new journals from the legal-deposit system, but they're taking up a lot of space and are barely being used so they are trying to get rid of any that are unused or duplicated in electronic copy (amazingly they got rid of 18,000 journal volumes in 2008, Peter showed us a picture of the massive skip that they filled twice). After a biscuit break, Isla Kuhn, reader services librarian, showed us some of the online resources medical students would be using, mainly PubMed. She also quickly ran through a demo of EndnoteWeb, which I wish someone would have told us about at Nottingham! Seems like I've wasted many hours writing out bibliographies and footnotes...

This afternoon I've been doing some cataloguing for a bit of practice before my course next week, and Sarah came by to visit us before she starts her Masters at UCL. I also got my university card! YES. Finally after 3 weeks!

(Also, yesterday I posted about it being the Hobbit's birthday, but I failed to mention that it was ALSO Stephen King's birthday. Happy birthday Mr King, I'm sorry.)

Aww come on, don't be mad.

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