Monday, 31 October 2011

What I've been reading in October

Save Libraries

Peter Walker and Alison Flood, High Court Bid to Halt Library Closures Fails 

Lauren Smith, Just Another Liberal Whinger? (A brilliant response to this article by John McTernan) 

Alison Flood, Philip Pullman declares war against 'stupidity' of library closures

Voices for the Library, 22nd October 2011: Library Campaign Conference (includes full speech of Philip Pullman's speech) 

Library Camp

Paul Stainthorpe, Let them tweet cake: why Library Camp was unconferencing done right

Gaz Johnson, Camping

Saint Evelin, Library Camp: Call me Sarah if it makes things easier...


Ned Potter, 5 Easy Ways to Create Fabulous Slides 

Ned Potter, Student Induction, Libraries, Prezi, and Interactive Maps

Digital Resources

Micah Vandegrift, The Digital Public Library of America

Dan Cohen, Digital Ephemera and the Calculus of Importance

eBooks and eReaders

Simon Barron, Why I got a Kindle

Ian Clark, Why I have not got a Kindle... (I'm considering buying something to read ebooks on - Kindle, Kobo or Android tablet - so Simon and Ian's posts came at a great time! Any other advice would be very much appreciated.)

Digital Divide

Ian Clark, Follow your dreams - but it will cost you

Mark Herring, Fool's Gold: Why the Internet is no Substitute for a Library (London: McFarland, 2007)

Jobs and Careers

#uklibchat, Summary: Thursday 22nd Sept 2011. LIS Jobs and Careers 

Simon Barron, Thoughts on Military Librarianship

Carley Deanus, My Graduate Trainee Year: On Reflection... 

Games and Gamification

 Gerard LeFond, Why Education Needs to Get It's Game On

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  1. I feel honoured to have been on your reading list this month!

    In terms of an e-reader, I have recently just bought a Kindle, and I love it! Has great battery life (think it lasted about a month before I had to charge it), access to the internet through wi-fi (not sure if any other e-readers have this too though?), and as a complete NON E-BOOK fan, I was totally persuaded by it! (I also love the fact that it fits in my handbag too...and I won't squash it like I do most paperbags, whose fate sadly results in crumpled up corners and dirty pages!)

  2. My mum just got a Kindle for her birthday, so I was playing around with it at the weekend, I really like it! Everyone who owns a Kindle seems to love it, the only thing is I'd like to read library books on it and (so far) you can't do that on the Kindle. Decisions decisions!

  3. Nice post, I couldn't ignore those elements.