Sunday, 9 October 2011

#libcampuk11 session 5: #uklibchat and social media

The final session I went to yesterday was on #uklibchat and using social media to cross sectors. Four out of the five #uklibchat team members were there to lead the discussion - Adrienne, Sarah, Ka-Ming and Sam.

The aim of this session was to explore ways to move forward with #uklibchat.

What people like about #uklibchat: 
  • Having a set time that you can turn up and know you can have professional chat. 
  • Good for solo librarians who can feel isolated. 
  • Can watch without needing to join in. 
  • Agenda can be anonymous and means you can think about your answers beforehand. 
  • Write ups are great. 
  • Focuses twitter energy!
What could be improved: 
  • Intros at the beginning mean people might feel discouraged from joining in halfway through. 
  • Having an "agenda" feels rigid (possibly calling it something different would solve this). 
  • Having it at a specific time is at odds with how people use social media. 
  • Impression that it's just for students but it's not!
Other similar chats to look at:
  • #tlchat - teacher librarian chat - not at specific time
  • #ukedchat
General thoughts on social media:
  • Twitter is mysterious if you don't use it, who to follow, hashtags etc. Possibility of using the blog a bit more with tips and How To guides.
  • Twitter is less formal than mailing lists, you need to be grown up on mailing lists! They seem like things that you need to be experienced librarian to use. Twitter reaches the wider world so good for cross pollination. Generational divide between listservs and twitter - is uklibchat offputting to older people?
Ideas for the future:
  • Partner with experts for chats in particular area.
  • Encourage people to use the hashtag outside of the set time as well, to discuss anything library related.
  • How To guides for using Twitter, including clients.

Okay I think that is literally everything I have to say about Library Camp! Normally I end up writing one massive blog post after a conference, today I have ended up with 6 slightly shorter ones, I don't know which is better! Using Evernote to make my notes yesterday has made blogging about it afterwards a lot quicker and easier, so I will definitely be doing that again in the future. So a bit of CPD23 win in there too!


  1. Shorter posts definitely better I think - easier to read and more useful if people reading are only interested in one or two of the sessions you attended. Impressed by speediness of blogging! :)

  2. I think so too, the trouble is then I'll probably get carried away and just end up writing 6 long posts!

  3. I didn't make it to this session at Library Camp, but I was curious as to what it was like - sounded really interesting!

    Just curious to know if you've ever looked at the #nhssm or NHS social media discussions? They meet once a week to discuss a fairly general topic and then the hashtag is used by people throughout the week to link up relevant stories. Might be of interest.

  4. I hadn't heard of that one, but it sounds like the kind of format people were suggesting for #uklibchat, opening up the hashtag for related discussions throughout the week. Thanks for pointing it out!