Friday, 29 July 2011

What I've been reading in July

Graduate Traineeships and Library School

Sam Wiggins, Introducing...the World of Libraries (really useful tips aimed at future trainees, but would be of interest to library school students and other new professionals too)

Library Day in the Life

Lots and lots of people, Library Day in the Life Project, Round 7

Social Media and Technology

Laura Woods, Current Awareness, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the "Mark All As Read" Button (sound advice!)

Nicole Fonsh, Google University (what happens to libraries and library schools when a new social media platform or other disruptive technology comes along?)

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Five Things to Expect from the Amazon Kindle Tablet

S. Wade Lorenz, The internet, Web 2.0. Cloud, Marketing and Library 2.0 

Laura Wilkinson, Developing Libraries Beyond Web 2.0 

Jolie O'Dell, The State of the Tablet and eReader Market

Dave Evans, The Internet of Things [Infographic] 

Save Libraries

Ian Clark, The media love libraries - let's make the most of it! 


Helen Murphy, If Only Benedict Cumberbatch were CEO of CILIP (also known as #CPD23 Thing 7: Professional Organisations and Face-to-face Networking) As always with Helen, this is brilliant, and the comments are really interesting too)


John Kupersmith, Library Terms that Users Understand (handy for those thinking about library websites or user guides)

Ian Clark, The Decline of Murdoch - a Good Thing for the Flow of Information? 

Andy Woodworth, Filtering is for Coffee Makers, Not Libraries

And Finally...

Ned Potter, The Great Library Stereotypometer!

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