Monday, 25 July 2011

#libday7 - Monday

I am taking part in the Round 7 of the Library Day in the Life project. I wrote several posts for Round 6 in January, all my Library Day in the Life posts can be found here

I am a library graduate trainee at Newnham College library in Cambridge, coming into the last month of my trainee year. As it is now the summer vacation, we have very few students in the library at the moment, but we're still busy! We've been doing the annual stockcheck for the last few weeks, and we need to get everything ready for next term.

I'm not sure how much I will blog and tweet for #libday7 this time, as I am taking part in Cam23 2.0 and CPD23 so I have a lot of blog posts to write! However here is my Library Day in the Life for today:

8.45 - Arrive at work.
Morning stuff, turn everything on, run Reporter, empty book drops (3 books back, busy day!), check emails, check Twitter, write TeuxDeux list for the week. Catch up with colleagues (Debbie's been in Italy for a week, Jo's been to the Isle of Wight for the weekend, I spent the weekend packing boxes...)

9.35 - Stock check
*beep beep beep*
Oh noes, laptop fail, I haz no screen!
*beep beep beep anyway*
I really can't see what I'm doing...
*gives up*

10.45 - Give up on stock check for now, back to the office, withdraw some books (fun ripping off labels etc.)

11.15 - Break

11.30 - Check emails. Email IT helpdesk to get someone to come and look at laptop.

11.50 - Withdraw more books (mostly out of date medical textbooks). Fingers smell all Stamp Lift-y.

12.15 - Go to Porters Lodge to get card updated for new door scanners. My card has been taken away from me, feel nekkid...

12.30 - Finished withdrawing books, put all on the sale shelf (on the way spent a good 30 seconds trying to scan empty card-holder on the card access door before realising what I was doing)

Start lyfguarding (covering paperback books in protective plastic). Had a big donation lately from a colleague who gets a lot of advance review copies.

12.56 - There's a Baroness in the library! (Actually a fairly common occurence lately)

13.00 - Lunch!

14.00 - Check emails and Twitter.

14.10 - Start work on new catalogue guide. (We've recently changed our catalogue terminals over from the University's Newton catalogue to the newer LibrarySearch site. We give out a guide to using the library catalogue during induction sessions, so this needs to be rewritten.)

14.35 - Helped a very stressed student who couldn't work out how to turn double-sided printing off for her dissertation (due at 16.00 today!)

16.05 - Break

16.20 - Back to writing the catalogue guide!

17.25 - Leave work 5 mins early as I am going to a Cam23 2.0 meet up at 6pm and the table at B Bar is booked in my name!

17.45 - Meet up with some other Cam23-ers for some drinks and a catch up.

19.15 - Heading back home, that's the end of the library part of my day today!

By Doga Ulas on Flickr

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