Saturday, 21 May 2011

Actually nothing at all to do with exploding zombie monkeys.

Sorry Jack, it's not all about you.
After clicking 'publish post' the last time I blogged, I thought "oof, my blog's been a bit serious business lately!" Seems like a while since I posted about exploding zombie monkeys (or maybe I got a few posts mixed up there...) Anyway, CILIP, Arcadia and all that stuff is great, but I also will try to get back to more lighthearted blog posts now and again :)

This is also a bit of procrastination, because I've been writing an application for some funding for my MA and as always am finding it difficult to write about myself! (So I'll go and blog, some great logic there...)

Last night Rory and I went to see the latest Pirates of the Carribean, which was good fun but I think they have pretty much lost the plot by now. On that note if anyone who's seen it can tell me what the pig was doing there that would be great! But as Rory said, it's Johnny Depp and he's beautiful. (Actually I think he was being sarcastic then...)

Next weekend I'm off to London with Rory to see Belle & Sebastian, and hopefully will be meeting up with Rosie Daniel & Andrea, who I haven't seen for ages or so it feels.  I'm also looking forward to the launch of two 23 Things programmes I've been involved in organising, a rerun of Cam23 for the library folks in Cambridge, and 23 Things for Professional Development which is for absolutely everyone and (obviously) is focused on professional development. More on those soon!

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