Saturday, 28 May 2011

I want the world to stop

...just for a few days would be brilliant, kthx! There's lots of exciting things going on at the moment, as a result I rather feel like I've been spinning around in circles a lot this week!

On Tuesday the results of the LISNPN competition were announced, and I'm amazed/delighted/proud to say my  entry won second place :D Therefore on 20th June I'll be off to Manchester for the New Professionals Conference 2011 - really looking forward to that. Let me know if you're going too, will be great to meet some more people I only know online! Check out Jacqueline and Katie's entries as well, because they are fantastic.

At some point soon Rory and I are going to start serious flat-hunting. So far we've been looking at websites and emailing flats to each other going "ooh that looks nice!" but not got a lot further than that. Gotta get moving!

Meanwhile, things are coming together for the two 23 Things programmes I've been involved with organising: for Cambridge librarians we've got Cam23 2.0, and for, well for any information professional that wants to take part really, we've got 23 Things for Professional Development. I'm planning to take part in both, so I think I'll start up another blog for one of them to keep them separate, and learn about a new blogging platform. I'm slightly mad I think.

As you may have guessed from the title, despite being a bit stressed, I'm really looking forward to seeing Belle & Sebastian tomorrow night! This is a slightly early birthday present from my parents, and before the concert we are having dinner with Andrea, Rosie and Daniel when I can give Rosie her *very* late birthday presents, so it'll be a festive occasion!

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  1. I completely understand the desire for a few days of nothing! Ah well... such is life. Enjoy the gig.