Thursday, 17 February 2011

Travel back in time with me won't you?

I was just reading through an old blog I used to write. (Will not post the link, far too embarrassing!) I did find this post from 2006 however, something I'd just about forgotten about by now. So here's what I did in my library while I was in sixth form - a little slice of history for you!
26th October 2006: Argh Zombies!
A bunch of us at school are making a film for halloween, and that's what it's called. As you might have guessed, this film will contain zombies. We gathered together a gang of year 7s and 8s and covered them in fake blood and green shoe polish (well that's what it looked like!)
 Gruesome eh?

We let them loose in the library and filmed them eating the library assistant and being shushed by the librarian.

I think the finished film is going to be awesome.

It's not very clear from that picture but the boys are all in varying stages of zombification. The dead eyes...the vacant expressions... well it's just another day at school really.

I remember filming a lot of the scenes for the film, and I know there was an extensive script for the whole thing, but I don't think it ever got finished or saw the light of day. The world will never know its loss!

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