Sunday, 29 May 2011

What I've been reading in May

The Future of Libraries

The Librarienne, If reference is dead, why am I so tired at the end of the day?

Tim Carmody, A Budget for Babel (well worth a read. Would you pay $100 a month for unlimited access on any device to everything ever printed?)

Seth Godin, The future of libraries

Andy Woodworth, "Bring me the head of Seth Godin!"

Save Libraries

Ian Anstice, Special Report: Newsnight

CILIP, National Libraries Day launched


Simon Barron, Four Things Kindle Can Help You Do (I don't have a Kindle but am saving up tips for when I do get one eventually!) 

Josh Catone, Digital Publishing and the Imperative to Preserve the Integrity of Print

Fred Stielow and Raymond Uzwyshyn, Back to the Future: The Changing Paradigm for College Textbooks and Libraries  

Social Media and Technology

Boyhun Kim, Tech Skills for New Librarians & Me (Seeking Advice)

Kelsey Gagliardi, How to use Social Media to Engage Students (Google doc)

Ian Clark, A tiny contribution to the debate (some reasons why ereaders won't, or shouldn't become 'as expensive as Gillete razors' (see Seth Godin's post above)

Phil Bradley, Zanran (seems like a useful numerical data search engine)

Aaron Tay, Libraries and Augmented Reality, Adding Video Reviews to Books - Aurasma 

Library School

Sam Wiggins, Learning from librarianship

Librarian_101, Please promptly remove head from sand

Theatregrad, Theatregrad’s top advice on getting the most out of library school

Nellie Akalp, 9 ways to increase your productivity while working from home (filing this one away for dissertation time next year!)

Public Libraries

Lauren Smith, Public Libraries and Adult Learning 


Maria Giovanna De Simone, Queen: Stop this Nonsense! (Thoughts on Annie Mauger's CILIP East of England talk a couple of weeks ago)  

Laura Wilkinson, On the Road to Chartership 

Job Titles

Andy Woodworth, Bikes, Branding and Bellyaching (Does it matter if patrons don't know the difference between a library assistant and a qualified librarian?)

Laura Wilkinson, Job Titles - What's in a Name?


Karen Loasby, Managing information about people 

Becky Woods, "The move to co-working is a move from a culture of me to a culture of we"... 

Wendy MacNaughton, Meanwhile, The San Francisco Public Library (Really beautiful watercolours illustrations of patrons at San Francisco Public Library. Go and look.)

Bethan Ruddock, Presenting 

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