Sunday, 24 October 2010

Skip to the end if you're a sucker for a wedding...

First up a quick plug - my library's website has just been revamped:  I like the new design, a definite improvement on the old site. From now on I'll be the one editting it, I thought I would get to use my new found html skillz but nope, the admin interface uses Drupal so it's very easy to make changes and doesn't require any html knowledge at all!

Last Wednesday I went to a CLG meeting on the 23 Things project. I was meaning to write something about it but haven't got around to it, but Katie Birkwood has written an interesting post on one of the subjects that came up, online anonymity. A few people at the meeting voiced the opinion that they would rather people had blogged under their real names rather than under a pseudonym. Like I've said in my comment, I'm quite happy for my real name to be attached to what I'm writing, and I'd like people to be able to find me easily online, but I understand absolutely why people might prefer a bit (or a lot) of anonymity. Katie sums up the pros and cons very well so I guess I don't have to :)

I've had a very celebratory weekend. Today is my Mum's birthday, so a big internet Happy Birthday to you Mum! Yesterday was the big day when my friend Laura got married to the lovely Kit. The hen weekend seems like ages ago now, but the wedding day finally came around! The whole day was just so sweet and perfect, and they are a great couple. Congratulations again guys! I'll leave you with a picture of the very happy couple:

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