Saturday, 16 October 2010

University Library tour

Yesterday afternoon we had a break from giving induction tours to be given a tour ourselves, of the University Library. This was the first time we'd got together with the Anglia Ruskin trainees, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to them much because I had to rush off near the end (sorry guys!).

Our guide, Colin, seemed to know absolutely everything about the UL, and started off by giving us a quick history of the library. If I ever told you proudly that the UL has a copy of every book published in the UK then I'm sorry but I now have to correct that and proudly tell you that the UL has a copy of almost every book published in the UK, apparently when the legal deposit system was introduced, publishers didn't think that it was worth the effort to deposit all their academic titles, instead depositing their novels, many of which the UL took one look at these and said "oh no, thats rawther too vulgar for our students", and sold them! So there are gaps in the collection, but today they get a lorry-load of books delivered every week of everything printed in the UK and Ireland. As a result, the library is constantly being extended to make space for new materials.
I can't say the UL is the prettiest building I've seen, but it's certaintly impressive, and designed by the same architect that designed Battersea Power Station, and, bizarrely, the red phone box! It was big enough that I was pretty thoroughly disorientated by the time we'd gone down and up a few sets of stairs, but then again, I have barely any sense of direction!

Because of my phone playing up *mutters darkly* I missed the end of the tour to rush off to the O2 shop before it shut. I was sad to miss the trip up the tower, but should be able to see it later in the year with the CLG. Good news about my phone though, it's all parcelled up and sent off to be repaired, finally!

Tonight I'm off to Stansted Hall and Elsenham Cricket Club's dinner dance with Rory and his family, if the previous years are anything to go by, it'll be a very fun evening (and we may even win a gym set on the raffle again...)

Have a good weekend folks!

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