Thursday, 7 October 2010

...and the anthropomorphisation continues!

I received a mysterious parcel at work, with no sender's name or address, inside the parcel was a short fat plastic bottle with a a strange orange and white lid made out of spongy plastic. It took me a while to work out what it was, a thingy to moisten labels instead of licking them (I'd ordered one a week or so ago), but once it's purpose was decided upon, Jo moved onto the next most important decision.

"Looks like a Mrs Pepperpot to me!"

Thus the label moistener joins the growing cast of characters in our office, along with the old label moistener Mrs Goggins (named after the character in Postman Pat!) and the air con. unit Mr Slim (no idea about that one!)

The resemblance is uncanny!

In other news my html class clearly paid off, as this stunning bit of web wizardry proves:

(Note: for the benefit of Rosie and anyone else who may wonder, that is not my real CV...)


  1. Will Mrs Goggins be retired? I'd like to say I had many a happy hour moistening donor plates with her, but she did leak on me more than once!

  2. She's still on the shelf, but I have to say she's got very gunky and turning white so I think it's about time for her retirement!

  3. How can I only just have found this?

    I feel I missed out as have no memory of Mrs Goggins. Is this possible or am I now so ancient I come from a mist-filled time before label-moisteners when we had to just jolly well stick labels on with spit or something?

    Sigh.... feeling old (and weirdly nostalgic for my trainee days)