Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Space Between

Since my traineeship finished, I'm now in theory a part time library assistant, working 14 hours a week. However I had a few weeks until my MA started, so I have been going in to work most days to rack up some hours! This has been great as I've been able to work with Polly, our new graduate trainee. In between going over Library of Congress Subject Headings (sorry Polly...) and which sticky labels go on which books (important concerns!), we've been working on an exhibition on Newnham's connections with the Bloomsbury group. One of the group, Frances Partridge, was a student at Newnham, and Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own was based on a series of lectures given at Newnham and Girton Colleges.

In other news, Cam23 2.0 ended this week. We held our closing event at the Museum of Classical Archaeology on Thursday night, holding an awards ceremony for those voted the best bloggers, and nomming our way through far too much cheese and pineapple. It was a lovely end to the programme, and although I'm feeling quite a bit of relief that it's over (only one set of 23 Things to think about now!), I had a great time both as an organiser and a participant. 

Next week is induction week at UCL, so I will be off to the big city, clutching a map and my brand new Oyster card. I'm looking forward to meeting people that I have only spoken to through Facebook and Twitter, and to being a student and learning again, although I'm sure I'm sure I'll soon get over the novelty factor on that one!

'UCL Students do it 24/7' apparently. By Ofey on Flickr


  1. You did great, great job with cam23 2.0. Let's hope we can learn more from eachother in the future. Success with your further career !

  2. Thank you Radoveden! I will keep up with your blog for sure.

  3. Hey Annie,

    Did you hear about the Virginia Woolf tour/talk going on soon, I think maybe as part of the Festival of Ideas? Lyn might know more, it's the wife of our previous caretake who's running it.

    Sorry about the half-information but thought you might be interested!

  4. Yep, that's really what this exhibition is for, because there's a tour of Newnham as part of festival. We got it up a bit early so the alumnae can see it this weekend though!