Sunday, 4 September 2011

My 1st Blogiversary

My blog, in cake-cloud form. Mmmmm.
One year ago today I wrote the first post on this blog.

I've been fairly prolific this year. This will have been my 91st post (I thought about trying to make my 100th post and my blogiversary happen on the same day, but...effort!). I think I've become a slightly better writer - I plan my posts slightly more now, not a whole lot more though! One thing's for sure, my writing style has definitely evolved and blogging has become a lot easier as I've found "my voice".

I slowly changed who I was writing for -  in the early days this blog was intended for family and friends to let them know what I was doing, however most readers and commenters were library people and so professional stuff kind of took over. Now my blog is about 95% library stuff, and if I write anything that my family and friends might be interested in I will post a link to it on Facebook. There's more of a purpose to my blog now, early posts were all over the place with random topics from A Very Potter Musical to hen parties to Studio Ghibli films, with things I did at work thrown in. Not that any of these are bad things to blog about, but it does kind of feel like I took everything in my brain, stirred it up with a big wooden spoon, tipped it out and clicked "publish". Direction and purpose are good!

Lately almost all of my blogging has been about the CPD23 Things, or the Cam23 2.0 Things on the Tumblr blog I created for that programme. While this has been a great experience, writing around 50 blog posts on prescribed topics over the course of four months has left me with little time or energy to blog about anything else, so I'm looking forward to resuming my normal blogging routine once all the Things are over and I've started library school. I just hope that in and amongst a degree and a part time job I will still have time to blog occasionally!


  1. Happy Blogiversary - your blog is only a couple of months younger than my blog and you've already blogged nearly three times as much as me! You win the blogging trophy ;)

  2. Happy blogiversary!

    I think doing a part time job and a masters will give you even more to blog about, but yes time might be an issue!

    I'm hoping to blog a bit more, but I struggle to think of things people would be interested in!

  3. Thanks both!

    @Jen: me = quantity, you = quality :)

    @Ruth: I know, it can be hard to think of topics to blog about! I found they have come more naturally as I did it more though, of course after having CPD23 tell me what to blog about for several months I'll probably find it hard to start thinking up new topics for myself!