Wednesday, 7 September 2011

[CPD23] Thing 18: Screencasts and Podcasts

There is quite a lot going on in this week's Thing, but luckily we have covered both screencasts and podcasts before in Cam23 2.0. I haven't done much extra exploration though, as I've just got back from Dublin and have a lot of laundry and stuff to do!


I hadn't heard of Jing before, but had tried Screencast-o-matic for Cam23 2.0. I think I would most likely be making screencasts at work rather than at home, so won't be able to download Jing there. I was quite happy with Screencast-o-matic though, so I think that will do for me!

Here is the screencast I made for Cam23 2.0, showing how to create bundles in Google Reader. I didn't think I had a microphone so I didn't do a commentary, but when I played it back I heard my LOUD TYPING NOISES, so clearly I have a built in mic on my laptop! I'm learning so much doing this programme ;)


I didn't know much about Podcasts before doing this Thing. I’ve never made a podcast and had very rarely listened to them either.

I don’t use iTunes, but Lyn had suggested a few other places to find podcasts. First off I had a look at Podcast Alley, but I was a bit disappointed that all of the podcasts I clicked on there hadn’t been updated for several years. This doesn’t matter for some podcasts of course, but for the technology stuff this is not much use! My next stop was the BBC, which as Lyn said has a wide range of podcasts from its radio and TV shows. I subscribed to Click, which I enjoy watching the TV version of. Moving on to the CILIP Communities Podcasts (I didn’t know this existed!), I’ve subscribed to Adventures in Library Instruction, a monthly podcast on the topic of teaching information literacy.

Seeing as I didn’t have much luck searching on Podcast Alley, I hit Google and started searching for technology podcasts and books podcasts. I subscribed to the Guardian Books podcast series, and taking a recommendation from Mashable I’ve subscribed to the How Stuff Works podcast. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know the Arcadia seminars were available as podcasts! Thanks to MG for the tip off, I will have to have a look into those.

Podcasting is fairly similar to presenting, in that I think I will keep my mouth shut and listen to other people doing the talking, at least for now!


  1. Hi
    Pod casts do it for me! I use Google reader on the laptop and Google Listen on Android. Check out an app called BrowseCast - it will find all the BBC radio progs that have subscriptions available and sync with Listen.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Does Browsecast download *all* of them though? I would probably only want one or two!