Saturday, 27 August 2011

What I've been reading in August


#uklibchat, Summary - Thursday 4th August 2011 eBooks Discussion (I've been finding the fortnightly Twitter chats very interesting and fun to take part in. Every other Thursday, 6-8pm!)

Aaron Saenz, Pixar Ex-Designer Creates Stunning Interactive Book for iPad. Blurs Lines Between Books, Film, Games

William Skidelsky, The True Price of Publishing

Library Marketing

Andy Woodworth, Marketing & The Donated Book

Save Libraries

Francis Bennion, Public Libraries are Protected by Law  (Full letter to The Times from the man who drafted the Bill which later became the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964)

Johanna Bo Anderson, Activism, Advocacy and Professional Identity

Social Media

Jill Walker Rettberg, Blogging (Cambridge: Polity, 2008) (Really interesting book on the history and culture of blogging)

Phil Bradley, Twitter for Librarians (A very long list of Twitter resources that could be of use to librarians) 

Robert Sharp, Always link, even to your enemies

Jez Cope and Geraldine Jones, Connecting Researchers at the University of Bath

Nathan Jurgenson, Augmented Mobs: Riots and Cleanup On and Offline


Mike Ellis, QR isn't an end, it's a means (I found the final four paragraphs particularly interesting)  

Mary Mallery, Tales of Technology Innovation Gone Wrong (or rather, how to learn from mistakes, plan ahead and fit the right technology to the job in hand)

Relationships with Library Users

Social Justice Librarian, How Academic Libraries Annoy Academics (Some of the comments on this are pretty astounding, and not in the good way)

Katie Birkwood, Doing It Wrong (Excellent commentary on the above post)

Rebecca Halpern, Ethics in LIS

Information Literacy

Lauren Smith, The Three Rs: Reading, wRiting and Rioting 

Steve Kolowich, What Students Don't Know

Library School

Hack Library School, Best of the Summer Semester

Job Applications

Laura Wilkinson, Tips for Applying for Library Jobs


#uklibchat, Summary: Thursday 18th Aug 2011: Breaking down barriers within the profession

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