Monday, 28 February 2011

What I've been reading in February

Here's a rundown of the most interesting blog posts and articles I've read this month. A few of these are from the end of January, because during the last week of January I was blogging each day for the Library Day in the Life project, so I decided to post the January list the weekend before :) February's a short month anyway, so it evens up!

Save Libraries

Philip Pullman, Leave the Libraries Alone. You Don't Understand Their Value. (I'm sure everyone's read this by now but it is Brilliant with a capital B.)

Ryne Douglas Pearson, Who Can Save the Library? I Think I Know. (It's @ScrewyDecimal!)

Andy Priestner, 'Save our libraries' day - Cambridge 

Cambridge News, Library Supporters Say Cuts Would Be 'Disaster' (Spot me in the picture?)

SE13URE, New Cross Library Occupation: Inside Story 

Sarah Stamford, Libraries Gave Us Power

BBC News, Are Libraries Finished? Five Arguments For and Against (Interesting, but their second example of things you can't do at a library is ridiculous - like many others I borrow ebooks from the library)

Ian Clark, Internet vs Public Libraries 

Mark Steel, The Caring, Sharing Way to Bad Times ("All you get from [libraries] is, "Borrow this, look up that", but at last that dictatorship is coming to an end, to be replaced with a voluntary system in which people will ask a neighbour for a book about the local canal system in 1817, and when told they haven't got it, they'll be free to give up")

Library Day in the Life
Lots and lots of people, Library Day in the Life Project, Round 6

Emma Cragg and Katie Birkwood, Beyond Books: What it Takes to be a 21st Century Librarian  (see also Echolib Escapes)

Library School

Steven Kaszynski, Cataloguing: Old School? (Good points made in the comments too, should cataloguing be a compulsory part of the library degree?)

Hack Library School, Job Tips for Future/Recent LIS Graduates

Hack Library School, How I Hacked Library School - WEB APPS!

Echolib Escapes

Katie Birkwood, Out of the Echolib and into the Fire   


BBC News, The Rights and Wrongs of Digital Books  

Bethan Ruddock, Reading in OverDrive

Dirk Johnson, Book Lovers Fear Dim Future for Notes in the Margins 

Internet Archive, Internet Archive and Library Partners Develop Joint Collection of 80,000+ eBooks To Extend Traditional In-Library Lending Model  (Great development, although as Jessamyn West points out (link below) the site is currently rather confusing)

Jessamyn West, The Interface is Us - What People Think About eBooks

Bobbi Newman, Publishing Industry Forces OverDrive and Other Library eBook Vendors to Take a Giant Step Back (New rules mean that a library's ownership of an ebook will expire after a certain number of patron checkouts. Bad news! Update: the number of checkouts looks like it's going to be just 26 - for libraries offering the maximum OverDrive loan period of 21 days this will mean popular books will expire after about a year and a half - for Hertfordshire library who have 7 day loans they will keep their books for about 6 months. Bobbi's post has links to lots of other stuff on the subject.)


Kirsty Braithwaite, QR code 101 (oh the horror, I am endorsing one of the Oxford trainees' posts!)

Brian Herzog, Scanning Library Cards on Smartphones

Simon Barron, A Social-Networking Success Story 

Digital Researcher 2011 Conference, DR11 Virtual Attendance

Jennifer Jones, Notes from #DR11: What does it mean to be a digital researcher?

Professional Awareness

Aaron Tay, Where do you get your library news? Evaluating library channels 

Online Presence

Bobbi Newman, The Problem with Pseudonyms

Dan Schawbel, 5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 Years

Annie Pho, Online Presence, a.k.a. You 2.0

Meredith Farkas, Your Virtual Brand

New York Public Library, Do You Judge a Book by its Cover? (I like this idea!)

Karen Schneider, In Praise of Succeeding

David Lee King, 10 Tips to Do Presentations Like Me

Katie Birkwood, Curious Collections: What Do We Keep, and Why?

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