Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What I've been reading in November


Lane Wilkinson, Life after Google (Start of a 3 month experiment to not use any Google products for 3 months)

Phil Bradley, Google Verbatim tool (searches Google for what you actually asked it for)


Andy Woodworth, The Amazon Lending Library is NOT the Library Apocalypse 

Jessamyn West & Dan Smith, The Kindle lending experience from a patron's perspective "a wolf in book's clothing"

Save Libraries

Benedicte Page, Campaign against library closures has scored a vital victory

Lauren Smith, DMBC Must Take Equalities Duties Seriously


Cathy Foster, My Library Induction Recipe (bringing games into school library inductions)

Niamh O'Donovan, Library Scavenger Hunt


CĂ©line Carty, Training the Cataloguing Trainer: Interesting Conversations on Twitter, Part 1

Freedom of Speech

Ian Clark, Blog comments: to censure or not to censure? 

Ian Clark, A classic case of playing the victim

Simon Barron, Freedom of Speech 2.0


David Lankes, Beyond the Bullet Points: Don't be the Mud 

Seattle Central Library by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

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