Monday, 24 January 2011

Library Day in the Life - Monday

This year I decided to take part in Bobbi Newman's Library Day in the Life project. I read quite a few of the previous round's posts in July, but didn't take part, mainly because I wasn't working in a library then :P

But now I am! I'm the Library Graduate Trainee at Newnham College, University of Cambridge. I decided to do a post each day this week, as I don't really have a typical day. Having said that, today was as much a typical day as I could have hoped to get, so here's what I did today:

8.50 - get to work, turn lights on, start to empty bookdrop, 2 girls come and tell me that over the weekend one printer ran out of toner and the other ran out of paper, argh!
9.00 - have replaced toner and Jo has replaced paper. Resume emptying bookdrops!
9.20 - put through manual loans (after deciphering handwriting), discharge all returned books (2 trolleys' worth)
9.50 - start reshelving books and tidying desks as I go
11.00 - finish reshelving, to my desk and reply to a couple of emails, got a couple of notes on my desk from Debbie and Jo.
11.05 - a student is looking for a book we don't have, all of the UL's copies are out, none in the faculty library. Given her a book recommendation form, we can probably buy it.
11.20 - morning tea break :)
11.35 - a bit more tidying of desks, messy students!
11.50 - go down to closed stack and bring up next batch of music to catalogue (which is my little project for the year)
11.55 - cataloguing - piano duets.
12.10 - printer needs the toner waste tray replacing, Debbie does it. (Wary of this job ever since the tonersplosion...)
12.20 - "do we get weekend newspapers?" No sorry :(
12.21 - "can the library buy this book? Really need it!"
12.40 - booked my place on (lib)TeachMeet2 :D
13.00 - time for my BUTTLUNCH (the unfortunate contraction of buttery lunch that appears on the menus emailed round each morning!). I'd nearly finished cataloguing the piano duets, only one left which I'll do after lunch.
14.00 - back from lunch, back to cataloguing, finish off last piano duet (D'Ourville, Chant des Chasseurs) and begin orchestral scores (starting with Beethoven's 'Eroica' Symphony).
14.05 - help a student having trouble with the self-issue terminal
14.40 - "what password do I need to login to the computers in the Wolfson Room?"
15.10 - "can I pay my fine now?"
15.11 - show a student how to use the printer
15.15 - "I have some book recommendations, actually a lot of recommendations...I've put them in order of how important they are!" *hands me a wodge*
15.16 - look up her recommendations on Dawsons, print out the details of each book and staple the recommendation slips to the Dawsons pages.
15.25 - issue 3 DVDs
15.45 - help a student with the catalogue terminals
15.50 - set up the group study room for a group coming at 16.30, they need projector set up
16.25 - group arrives to use the group study room, they are holding a video conference with some other students
16.30 - 2 students arrive for their library induction tour. (We did group inductions in September, but some new students have joined the college this term, we've been mostly doing their tours individually).
16.50 - finish the induction, activate their cards so that they can access the library outside of staff hours
16.55 - start reading stuff Debbie has found for me on cataloguing bound-withs (I'd come across my first one earlier in the afternoon - a book of Beethoven violin sonatas with some extra odds and ends bound together with it!).
17.00 - start to catalogue my weird collection of Beethoven stuff
17.28 - finish the bound-withs! Just in time to go home :)

For the rest of the week I think I'll just do a quick post rather than the whole shebang. Some interesting things coming up this week, Library Committee meeting tomorrow (my first), and a lunchtime talk on social networking tools for librarians on Wednesday. Looking forward to reading other people's day-in-the-lifes!

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  1. Great post (feeling a bit nostalgic now). Kudos for music cataloguing (I know nothing of this)