Friday, 10 December 2010

If they'd let Lusty in, it would have been a VERY different cartoon.

Here's another dose of "fantastic names I've come across in the library".

Thomas Masterman Winterbottom
Wynkyn de Worde
Ervin Nutter
Oz Shy
Ivor Hickey (no, really.)

Brilliant surnames: Clutterbuck, Peebles, Jelley, Snodgrass, Bybee.

Dwarves that didn't make the final seven?
Bossy, Smellie, Modest, Moody, Lusty.

And finally, sometimes you come across a name that really suits the title of the book, and this must be one of the most perfect:

The Search for Useful Knowledge in Early Modern London by Malcolm Thick.

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  1. Wynken de Worde always sounds to me like a character from a Terry Pratchett book, not an actual real historical printer. Nominative determinism goes back a long way...!