Saturday, 6 November 2010


This week the trainees took over running the Cambridge Trainee Librarians' Online Group or CATALOG for short. (I'm not sure where the second A comes from, but nevermind.)

It's not completely up to date yet, we are going to put in a little bit about where all of last year's trainees are now, and then start a diary of all the trips we go on, but all of the 'Current Trainees' section is up to date, so you can go off and find out where we're all from and how we ended up here in Cambridge doing the Graduate Trainee thing.

Other news, the graduate trainees put together a proposal to do a group presentation at the Libraries@Cambridge 2011 Conference on the 6th January, and we were successful so if you're coming to the conference you'll see us all there!
After the really helpful session we had on Library School applications, I've sent off for prospectuses from Sheffield, UCL and Aberystwyth, and will need to start applying for the courses very soon! Wow that came around quickly. Didn't I just apply for my Graduate Trainee job last week?

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