Monday, 8 November 2010

Breaking out of the Echo Chamber

Ned Potter, AKA thewikiman, started putting together a list of essential careers advice for new information professionals. This was a really helpful list of things to think about, made even better by the large number of people commenting and adding their thoughts. Ned has now turned this advice into a slideshow, which in his words will serve four purposes:

1. It’ll be of interest to existing and new professionals, maybe create some debate or heighten awareness of certain issues
2. It’ll entice more dynamic peoeple into considering librarianship as a profession, by righting  a few misconceptions
3. It’ll put off some of the meeker people who may labour under misapprehensions as to what librarianship is really like (I’m very happy with this ambition – we have too many over qualified pros as it is, so why not head people off before they waste time and money in a profession that isn’t like they thought it would be?)
4. In the course of 2 and 3 it may increase awareness as to what Information Professionals do these days

Ned wanted to get his presentation out of the "echo-chamber", that is, not having it bouncing around librarians who already know how cool we all are now *nods* but getting the news out to non-librarians as well! As I know that at least....three non-librarians read this blog, I'm doing my bit to scratch at the walls of the echo-chamber with a rusty spoon.

So without any further ado, here's the slideshow!

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