Saturday, 28 April 2012

What I've been reading in April


Peter Pachal, What Apple's Ebook Fiasco Means for Amazon and the Book Business (See also Digital Divide. Very worrying...)

Bobbi Newman, Ebook Readership Increases, Still Only 21% 

Kathryn Zickuhr, E-books aren't just for e-readers: A deep dive into the data

Andy Woodworth, Reading Between the Lines (has the internet killed reading books?)

Andy Priestner, Ebooks: an epiphany

Digital Divide 

Ian Clark, The income divide and its impact on digital exclusion

Ian Clark, Age, disability and digital divide

Ian Clark, The internet - don't need it, can't afford it

Information Literacy

Greg Downey, Counterintuitive Digital Media Assignments (Very interesting assignment set for a digital media course)

Job Applications

Laura Wilkinson, Designing interview tests

Helen Murphy, Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum (otherwise known as #CPD23  Thing 21: Job Applications) ("I defy anyone reading this to imagine something more likely to take a ruby-encrusted pickaxe to your soul than a poorly formatted Word table.")


Claire Sewell, CIG eforum - Social media  in the cataloguing community


Simon Barron, ISBN, ISTC, and ontology

R. David Lankes, Beyond the Bullet Points: Libraries are Obsolete 

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  1. I am very impressed you had time to read all of these and do coursework and revision at the same time! Will certainly be reading a few of them as revision I think, thanks Annie

  2. Exactly, the good thing about this exam is that reading blogs is legitimate revision!