Monday, 30 January 2012

What I've been reading in January

Libraries@Cambridge Conference

Claire Sewell, Libraries@Cambridge 2012 - some thoughts (very interesting post from a cataloguer's perspective)

Katie Birkwood, #lac12, or The Libraries@Cambridge 2012: a special collections view

Meg Westbury, Dodos and Eagles (focusing on Deborah Shorley's keynote)

Library School

#uklibchat, Summary Part 1: 3rd November - Library School

#uklibchat, Summary Part 2: 3rd November - Library School


Erin Lee, Archives are not for the fainthearted 

Awards and recognition

Andy Woodworth, On Awards & Recognition

Katy Wrathall, Thinking (follow up to Andy's post)

Helping library users

Simon Barron, Help! How much help should libraries be? (there are lots of excellent comments on this post too)

Ned Potter, Spoon feed them, then give them the spoon , then chuck away the spoon

Andy Woodworth, A Reference Dilemna

By Felipe Morin on Flickr

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