Thursday, 28 April 2011

What I've been reading in April

Save Libraries

Simon Barron, Libraries, Bias, and the BBC

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, Zadie Smith: A Defence of Libraries

Ian Clark, The Taking Part Survey -- usage down again, but why?

Lauren Smith, Say what you've got to say, and say it hot. (Absolutely brilliant response to John Redwood's ridiculous comments)

Brian Herzog, Reference Question of the Week 4/17/11 (Another example of the fact that not everything is on the internet, and even when it is not everyone can find it.)

The Future of Libraries

Ned Potter, Library Adolescence. (Or: how can we avoid growing up?)

Lauren Bradley, The Technical and User Services Divide & its Future in Libraries  

Ian Clark, No Furniture so Charming - The Future of Libraries 

Ned Potter, Librarians Before, Librarians Now, Librarians Next

Rita Meade, The Library of the Future (very cute, and look at the poster Jonathan Auxier made based on this)

Library School

Hack Library School, Best of Semester One (there's only one link in my library school section this month because this HLS post has EVERYTHING brilliant.) 

Social Networking and Technology

Amy Pajewski, Social Networking and the Academic Library 

Andy Woodworth, Digital Native Diatribe 

Ange Fitzpatrick, Travelling Light - Adventures of a Mobile Librarian 


Dan Rowinski, Kindle Comes to Android Tablets

Amazon, Amazon to Launch Library Lending for Kindle Books

Bobbi Newman, Some Questions for Overdrive and Amazon about the Kindle Lending Library

Professional Awareness

Ben Lainhart, Non-LIS Blogs to Follow


Ned Potter, What's the key to a good interview - beyond the usual truisms we all know already? 



Gamification of Library Use

Brian Herzog, Gamify Your Library Fines (pretty interesting idea, and I like the speed camera example as well)

Chad Boeninger, What if libraries gave users achievements?

Andy Woodworth, 1Up @ Your Library 


Steve Kolowich, Wielding Wikipedia (University of Houston librarians using Wikipedia to increase exposure of their collections)

Laura Wilkinson, Knowledge Management

Macpherson College Miller Library, Library of the Living Dead (best library guide I've ever seen!)

Possibly the most badass librarian ever. Reproduced with permission.

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  1. Thanks Annie! I especially appreciated being called a "badass." That was good for my soul. :)